Dog Bites Can Cause Extremely Serious Complications

Dogs are undoubtedly man’s best friends. However, a bite can make them a man’s worst nightmare!

According to statistics, non-fatal human dog bites account for 1.1% of ED injury visits in the US alone. Additionally, it accounts for a significant financial burden of about $400 million in the US alone!

What's worse, dog bites can cause serious complications. So no matter if the bite inflicts a large or small wound, it’s important that you seek immediate medical treatment. Your doctor will treat it and assess the wound’s severity. 

Dog bites can get complicated and severe

Read on to learn about these severe possible dog bite complications:


Skin torn by dog bites can lead to scars. While mild scarring may disappear with time, severe scarring may require medical techniques like grafting or plastic surgery. 


The bite might inflict an infection because a dog’s mouth contains bacteria like Pasteurella, MRSA, capnocytophaga, and staphylococcus. 

These bacteria can cause infections if the dog bites and breaks your skin. 

Depending on the bacteria, possible consequences include sepsis, cellulitis, eye or urinary tract infections, fever, arthritis, or low blood pressure.

Signs of an infection include:

  • Pain and tenderness.

  • Increased warmth and redness around the site.

  • Puss or drainage with a foul odor.

The risks of infections are more significant in people with diabetes or a weak immune system. 

Antibiotics and symptomatic treatments can help treat bacterial infections. However, the recovery rate depends on how quickly the body responds and how quickly you assess and start treatment. 


Rabies is an acute infection transmitted through the dog’s saliva and affects the body’s central nervous system. Its symptoms include chills, sore throat, nausea, headache, and fatigue. 

The symptoms can appear between days or years if untreated and can even lead to death. So seek immediate medical attention if bit by a dog you aren’t sure is vaccinated or which isn’t up-to-date with vaccinations. 

Nerve and muscle damage

Deep bites can inflict nerve and muscle damage, leading to temporary or permanent conditions. 

Broken bones

Yes, bites from huge and strong dogs, especially for small children, can end up in broken, fractured, or splintered bones. The chances are higher if the bite is in the legs, feet, or hands. 

Describing the dog attack, like explaining if the dog pulled the victim to the ground, helps your doctor evaluate the injuries better.  

What should I do if injured?

The first thing you should do is seek medical treatment. Your doctor will be able to assess the bite and decide on the appropriate treatment option, which can range between:

  • Antibiotics

  • Physical therapy

  • Multiple follow-up visits with plastic surgery

  • Psychiatric treatment for the psychiatric trauma inflicted

While simple dog bites don’t cost much to treat, dog bites with complications are more expensive. 

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